EC Kids

Birth - 5th Grade

Program Times & Locations


Alton Campus

Saturdays | 5:00pm
Sundays | 9:05am
Wednesdays | 7:00pm

O’Fallon Campus

Thursdays | 7:00am
Sundays | 10:40am



Safe Environment

We want our Enjoy Church parents to be completely at peace when they drop off their kiddos for service. That’s why we’ve created a detailed safety plan, which includes extra security in children’s areas, child drop-off and pick-up procedures, and having staff and volunteers that are CPR/AED certified.



Health and Happiness

We not only want to keep our kids safe, but we also want them healthy and happy! We have outlined detailed processes and training to make sure we have toys that are age appropriate and not hazardous, rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly, and teachers that are highly sensitive to any food or other allergies your child may have.



Engaging for Parents

Every week, we are teaching and molding our young children, but we also want to connect with parents. We’ve created several ways to connect with parents and to keep them in the loop regarding our EC Kids cirriculum, including a parents-only Facebook page and our weekly email newsletter.