Our Beliefs

We base all of our teaching on the Bible, which we believe is the Holy Word of God. Firmly rooted in Scripture, our beliefs guide our decisions at Enjoy Church.




Our Mission & Values

At Enjoy Church, we exist to lead people to experience and enjoy the unconditional love of Christ, and to help them reach their full potential in Him. If you want to know what we’re about, just read about our values.





Enjoy Church was started in 1975 by Pastors Gary and Sue Carstens under the name New Testament Fellowship Church. Today, the vision of Enjoy Church is set by Pastors Daren and Laura Carstens, and our staff is composed of highly-dedicated individuals that care deeply about our mission.


At Enjoy Church, we believe it’s imperative to connect and engage individuals at all ages and phases of spiritual growth. Click to learn more about our children’s, middle school, high school, and young adult ministries.


What to Expect


Enjoy Church is a fun, friendly place for you and your family to learn about and worship God. You’ll experience a casual atmosphere, energetic music, and dynamic teaching that you can relate to. We welcome people from every walk of life, every race, color, creed, social standing or financial background. What matters to us isn’t where you’ve been – it’s where you’re going.


Pastor Daren and Pastor Laura teach from the Bible in a way that’s easy to understand. Using creativity, humor, and practical illustrations, the messages come alive in a way relevant to your everyday life. We even create small outlines for you to follow along with and take home for further study.


Our worship services at Enjoy Church are engaging, energetic, and interactive! We choose a variety of styles that not only speak to the younger generation, but that also cross age barriers and encourage everyone to enter into worship easily.


At Enjoy Church, we encourage you to come as you are. God loves us all, no matter where we come from or what our style of dress is. Our relaxed atmosphere means you can dress as comfortably as you want!


We value your family, and we want your children to receive from God! We have age-appropriate classes for your kids, from birth through high school, where they learn about God’s love for them and are encouraged to walk out their faith. In fact, kids have such a great time in our student ministries that they often bring their parents back!

About Enjoy Church